Review of the Online Slot Game Pinocchio’s Fortune

Review of the Online Slot Game Pinocchio’s Fortune

This fantastic new video slot from Quickfire features Pinocchio, the small wooden puppet child who has a predisposition for telling lies, and it does so in a way that brings him vividly to life. And much like the traditional tale, this one is full of twists and turns.

Pinocchio was conceived by a woodcarver who struggled to make ends meet, so one may not anticipate that he would amass a significant wealth. However, we are not exaggerating when we say that the sheer number of bonus features available means that there is a good chance of a fairy tale ending for players. This is true even though we have not yet mentioned the sizeable jackpot of 1,000 coins that can be won by getting five Wild symbols in a row.

Regarding the Online Slot Machine, “Pinocchio’s Fortune”

The most fundamental structure is a slot machine with five reels and a generous thirty paylines. Because you may place bets ranging from £0.30 to £90 each spin, Pinocchio’s Fortune is appropriate for players with varying degrees of expertise, from novices to seasoned veterans. You will find yourself soon enveloped in the warm and inviting vibe of a world based on a fairy tale thanks to the upbeat audio riff that follows each spin and the beautiful woodland that serves as the background. The usual playing card symbols are replaced with victory symbols that are all based on Pinocchio’s travels, which results in a gaming experience that is far more unified.

Specials, Highlights, and Other Features

The online slot game Pinnochio’s Fortune comes with a number of unique elements, including as wilds, scatters, and extra games. One of the most important symbols is the Pinocchio Wild, which may act as a replacement for any other symbol in a win line with the exception of the Face and Fairy symbols. Players who keep a sharp eye out could also spot a little version of the same emblem tucked away in a corner of one of the other symbols on reels three through five. When the Puppet Bonus is activated, which happens when three of these mini-Puppet overlays show up in a single spin, you have the opportunity to choose between two different toy boxes. The other will contain a wild reel re-spin, which will turn one entire reel wild and re-spin the other four reels. One will include a cash reward, while the other will contain a cash prize. This suggests that the odds of winning anything are very much in your favor.

The Fairy Symbol is Wonderful in More Ways than One as Well. If you can get her to appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, you’ll trigger the Find Gepetto Bonus. You have four spins to make it to the end of the road, where you’ll encounter Gepetto and a jackpot that is equal to sixty times your initial wager. This game is really a board game. Each square that you land on along the journey will provide you with either an additional spin, a mini game, or a cash bonus.

The Pinocchio Face is the last sign that players should be aiming to find in their games. This is the Pinocchio Nose Bonus symbol, and it acts as a Scatter. If you land five of these symbols, you will get the maximum of 16 free spins. During the free spins bonus round, Pinocchio’s nose will expand with each occurrence of the Face symbol, and players will be awarded a toy box selection and the chance to win more cash prizes with each expansion of his hooter.

Quickfire demonstrates that you are never too old to enjoy a good fairy tale slot machine like Pinocchio’s Fortune by providing a number of enticing bonuses in addition to an enchanting theme that transports you right back to your childhood. Pinocchio’s Fortune also features a captivating theme that brings you right back to the days when you were a child.

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